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Lepton Engineering Solutions

Lepton Engineering is a leading top-tier provider and integrator of information and communication technology solutions in TELECOM, ICT and POWER INDUSTRY that are scalable, secure, and Cost-effective. These solutions target specific business challenges and their implementation results in tangible business value. Fulfilling the needs of a telecommunications carrier, private enterprise and Corporate or Government institution.

We deliver business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and Service Delivery innovation. Our Core motivation is defining Service Excellence in Technology driven business solutions.

Lepton Engineering offers services in:

· Quality Control and Assurance.

· Core Network Management solutions.

· Network Benchmarking , drive test and Optimization.

· Power management

· ICT Infrastructure Integrated solutions

· Fiber Infrastructure

· Turn key projects.

· Managed Service (Operation & Maintenance)

· Program and Project Management Services

· Cost Engineering / Cost Management through Energy Management.

· Solar Solutions and Power Back Up Systems.

LEPTON ENGINEERING is dedicated to providing best-in-class technology solutions and services to its clients. We believe that our main differentiators are the level of expertise of our employees acquired over decades of regional presence and hundreds of engagements, our client focused culture, and the close partnership that we established with leading service providers of equipment and product suites.