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Bobs Investment

Bobs investments was formed in 2012 with a vision to establish a comprehensive firm that deals with real estate and international trading patterns by introducing transparency, integrity and professionalism in a market calling for more global standards.

Real Estate

Bobs investments with its wealth of experience continuously reaps new benefits from opportunities presented by changing market dynamics as well as evolving business and property cycles. As a policy, Bobs investments works towards new innovations and continually brings dynamism to the industry in Kenya - be it the launch of off-plan developments or the introduction of versatile financial structures for property developments, which have propelled the industry into new directions.

With our personalized touch and keen attention to client needs, we have carved out a niche in the market as the trendsetters and benchmark for the real estate industry, and continue to bring a global touch to the Kenyan market emerging as a real estate market leader in this developing country where real estate still remains one of the most lucrative investments.

We are proud to announce a variety of services ranging from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties, and more recently valuations of all kinds of properties, including hotels, businesses and industries.

International Trading

Bobs investments offers top quality and competitively priced products manufactured in various countries worldwide. We take advantage of the strengths each country has to offer so we can provide you with quality products at better value to help you compete in your market.
Best of all, we can deliver the products to your warehouse or you can pick it up, from your local port/airport.

We know you will feel more comfortable when talking to a person in your native language and with the same business culture. For this reason we have appointed local Directors, Bifranchisees or Representatives in many countries all over the world.
Chances are, we will have a Bifranchisee, Trade Development Director, a Sourcing Agent or a Representative in your country; it may even be a person that you know, so contact us to find out.

Our mission is to expand our trading network all around the world and create successful traders whom we will be proud to call friends.

If you are involved in the International trade as a trader, sourcing agent, exporter, importer, intermediary, financier, shipping agent or as a trade development officer in your country feel free to contact us and express your interest.